10 Indie Wedding Playlists

DIY indie weddings are all the rage now and are often more affordable than traditional weddings. Whether located at a barn, a farmhouse or simply outdoors, the venue and the music at an indie wedding are a match made in heaven, just like the bride and the groom.

We are in the middle of the wedding season and many of us have either attended a wedding recently or are planning (or dreaming of) our own soon. Choosing the right wedding music can be challenging because you want to make sure all guests have a good time, and hear songs that make them want to dance. But you also want to avoid some of the more mainstream, cliche wedding songs.

Whether you are in the middle of planning yours or just dreaming about what it would be like (a girl can dream, right?), we are here to help you create the wedding soundtrack of your dreams. We’ve put together a list with some of the best Indie Wedding Playlists on 8tracks. We hope they inspire you to make your own playlist, perhaps using some of the songs you (re)discovered by listening to the ones recommended below:

1. We do, we do, we do

“A collection of heartfelt love songs fit for any whimsical, indie, rustic, or whatever wedding.”


2. Outdoor Wedding

“Sweet tunes to dance to at an outdoor-sy wedding. Hope you like it!”


3. Indie Love Songs

“Indie love songs set in a playlist just for you.”


4. Say Yep

Because love is for everyone.


5. First Dance Songs

A collection of first dance songs crowd-sourced from readers at www.apracticalwedding.com.


6. Indie Wedding

“This is a list of songs I gave my guy. Not really wedding songs. Not even all love songs. Just a mix of songs that make me wanna go down to the river with him, take my shoes off and dip my toes in. A mix for dreaming, for hand holding, for blowing bubbles on lazy summer afternoons. Enjoy…”


7. Unexpected Parent Dance Songs

A collection of non-traditional parent dance songs.


8. The Wedding

A playlist made by one of our listeners for her sister’s wedding.


9. Ready for the Floor

“We love long walks on the beach, a good mix tape, and spontaneous dance parties. So we wanted to share 2 of the 3 with you in preparation for our upcoming nuptials. Here are some household favorites to put you in the mood…”

10. Wedding Day

We love long walks on the beach, a good mix tape, and spontaneous dance parties. So we wanted to share 2 of the 3 with you in preparation for our upcoming nuptials. Here are some household favorites to put you in the mood…

Announcing Moshi Summer Sound Winners!

Two weeks ago we launched a playlist challenge where we asked you to create and share the best summer vibes playlist. The four winners would receive an awesome prize pack courtesy of Moshi, maker of beautifully designed earbuds and other really cool tech accessories. And while we know you guys love making playlists, we weren’t ready for such an overwhelming response: 249 playlists were carefully curated with lots of love and attention to detail. From stunning cover images, to themed playlists, to witty titles, this challenge demonstrated once again how passionate and creative our community is.


We had a hard time picking the winners. In our eyes, everyone who took the time to create and submit a playlist is a winner. We ended up selecting two playlists that won by popular vote and two that won the hearts of our staff members. Without further ado, the four winning playlists are:


1. Cheers to the Freakin Weekend - by skiller_miller

Cheers to the songs for the 3 month weekend.”


2. Summer Waves – by eddavanheemstra


3. Pineapple Princess by MadisonnRae

“The perfect summer fruit is pineapples so here is a mix mixed just for summer.”

4. SummerSomniac by Elenabee

“The weather’s perfect for nighttime driving & stargazing.”

Congratulations to all the winners! We’ll be contacting you shortly with more details.

We’d like to thank everyone so much again for entering and to our partner Moshi for providing the awesome prizes (please go check out their website, they make super rad stuff.) Don’t forget to browse 8tracks by “moshisummersound” to find your perfect soundtrack for this summer.

Community Manager

Summer Sound Mix Challenge


Contrary to what Lana Del Ray thinks, summertime is not all about sadness. We’re believers in a summer full of sun, swim and tunes. Whether you’re heading to Bonnaroo, EDC, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, or your local music festival, we’ve got you covered with a Summer Sound Pack giveaway from our friends at Moshi. Moshi makes some sweet earbuds and other tech accessories, and they’ve put together a pretty solid collection of gear for some lucky 8tracks DJs.


Create a summer-themed playlist between June 10 and June 24, tag it with #moshisummersound, and 4 DJs with the most popular playlists will receive a prize pack from Moshi, including a pair of Moshi earbuds, sunglasses, chapstick, slim wallet, passport holder, plus an 8tracks T-shirt and button (and maybe some other top secret swag, if we really love your mix). Each prize pack will include one of the following premium Moshi earbuds:  Mythro, Moonrock, Vortex, and Vortex Pro.


Need help making a playlist?

Haven’t made any playlists yet and need some help? Well, we won’t tell anyone, so let’s fix this embarrasing situation ASAP. Go to 8tracks, hover your mouse over your profile photo on the navbar and select the second option there: “Create Mix” If you ever made mix tapes for your sweetheart or best friend back in the more analog days, you know how it goes: choose at least 8 songs, come up with a clever, unique title, upload an interesting cover image (or use one of your Instagram photos), add some tags (don’t forget the #moshisummersound tag), and publish your mix.


No excuses left. Nothing standing in-between you, your masterpiece, and winning some sweet Moshi buds.

Create your playlist now!

About Moshi

Moshi was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006 by a group of creative and passionate material scientists, engineers, and Apple fans. This team possessed a unique blend of technology and artistic expertise, reflected in their shared vision of bringing beauty to the world of electronics. Moshi’s founders held the belief that technology should fit into your life seamlessly. That it should add to, not detract from, your personal style. Everything is designed in house, ensuring they maintain their signature modern, minimalist aesthetic. Tune in to playlists created by the Moshi team on 8tracks!

The new iPhone app is here

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new “3.0” version of 8tracks on iOS. The new app makes it easy to find the playlists you’ll enjoy most, wherever you may be. We think you’ll love it.

We fully re-designed the app to be bold and beautiful, incorporating both iOS 7 standards and numerous performance enhancements. You can now more readily pick playlists based on what you’re doing (e.g. study, workout, party, sleep) and how you’re feeling (e.g. happy, sad, love, mellow) in combination with a deep selection of genres and artists, a fundamental component of 8tracks since its launch on 8/8/8. Check out some of our favorite updates below.



The new home screen features the Timeline, showing where you last left off; you can swipe right to reveal your playlist history or left to see upcoming playlists. Below it you’ll find your shortcuts, a personalized list of tag combinations and other playlist sets you tune into most frequently. The playlist page has also been redesigned to give you a clearer view of the artwork and easier access to the track listing.



The updated Explore page allows you to browse playlists in a quick and dynamic way, distinguishing genres from activities or other themes by color. Swipe through the results below to find the perfect match or just hit play to start listening immediately.



The new sidebar gives you ready access to Collections you’ve created on the website, as well as your Profile, Feed, Liked playlists and Recommendations.

In addition, Tumblr and WhatsApp options have been added so you can share the playlists you love however you see fit. Another cool addition is artist info from OpenAura – just tap on the currently playing song to see more.

What if you’re on Android?  Don’t fret. We’re working on a new Android app as well, so stay tuned for updates this summer.

Thanks for listening (and reading), give it a go and, as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you like it, it’d mean a lot to us if you took a moment to rate and review the app!

Community: The Crown Jewel of 8tracks

Yesterday we launched 8tracks Forums, allowing our community of over 11 million registered listeners to communicate with one another in a more personal way. We’ve long allowed listeners to comment on mixes to show gratitude or engage DJs in a dialogue around the music:

mix commentLast year, some of our most active community members formed a group on Facebook — “8tracks Friends” — to facilitate shared conversations and support real-world friendships among group members. These weren’t the only listeners looking to build friendships with other 8tracks listeners and DJs, and we’ve received a growing number of requests for private messaging.

As we began to think about a way to encourage interactions between members of the 8tracks community, we discovered Discourse, a dynamic, open source forum and private messaging platform that can be branched and personalized. Discourse gives us a smart way to facilitate conversations between — and speak directly with — the folks who care most about 8tracks, an essential step to making 8tracks the best music sharing community.

And that community is going to meet up IRL! This Friday, members of the original 8tracks Friends group on Facebook will be flying into San Francisco from around the country to meet us and one another in person for the first time. We’re beyond excited.

Finally, we’d like to welcome and introduce you to Monica Semergiu, who will lead 8tracks’ community building efforts as our Community Manager. As we grow and evolve, it’s important for us to remember and support our community, the crown jewel of 8tracks and a daily reminder of why we do what we do.

8tracks ❤s OpenAura


Music listeners today have unprecedented access to a deep catalog of music across myriad genres from ‘round the world, thanks to inexpensive tools for production and free distribution on the internet. But with unlimited offerings on tap, it’s not always easy to find new music you love, much less learn about the creators behind that music along the way.

When you choose an 8tracks playlist based on a theme or genre, you’re served a wide variety of tracks by different artists, and you likely discover more music than you do on other music services. However, to support this discovery experience, we’d like to help you learn more about the artists themselves, rather than letting the songs become merely a cog in a themed radio station.

Accordingly, we announced this week that we’re tapping OpenAura’s Artist Info API to deliver deep, accurate and current information about artists big and small, offered up through our pervasive player.  Using OpenAura’s API, we tap into a central source of information on artists, one which allows artists to control their online identity and earn revenue from that content. Artist bios and images are updated and refined over time, and independent artists have an equal opportunity for representation.

We view 8tracks as essentially a “matchmaking” platform for listeners and artists, as mediated by our DJ community, and so we’re particularly excited to leverage OpenAura to help further the bonds between music creator and music consumer.

8tracks in the living room


After months of work, we’re excited to announce the 8tracks Xbox app. There are a lot of connected devices and related hardware for the home — Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast, to name a few — but 8tracks on the Xbox is a particularly good fit.

First, Xbox is the most popular set-top box in the US. More than 48m people have signed up for Xbox Live — far more than Apple TV (13m) and Roku (5m).

Second, nearly half of our audience is aged 18-24. By comparison, 51% of college males or 31% of all college students own an Xbox. Existing 8tracks listeners can now tune in from a familiar device, and new listeners can discover us through their Xbox.

As on 8tracks’ website and apps, Xbox listeners can browse playlists by genre, activity and mood tags.  Beyond liking mixes and following DJs, listeners on Xbox can navigate the app with voice commands, hand gestures (using the Kinect), and the good old-fashioned controller.

If you have an Xbox, please download the 8tracks app and enjoy. Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to spreading the 8tracks love on future platforms. For now, it’s game on.

Building a single-page app, one page at time

Just as the idea of a playlist extends a musical moment beyond the end of a song, a web application enables a rich browsing experience that isn’t bordered by page refreshes every time you interact with the screen. This idea is particularly important for music websites where audio continuity is the paramount consideration. In a choice between interrupting your music or seeing what’s on another page, you’ll almost invariably choose to keep listening. In the past we’ve protected users from unwanted pauses by buffering clicks to new pages with this helpful popup:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 4.55.14 PM

Nonetheless, the value of a music discovery service is limited by being unable to explore the site while you’re listening. From the very first version of 8tracks, we’ve wanted to enable continuous playback while keeping the entire site accessible. But it’s only recently that more robust web technology has become widespread and we were able to implement our “pervasive player” in a way that wasn’t hacked together or only available on one platform. In particular with the launch of the Next Soundcloud, we saw much that we could learn from and also some ideas to improve upon in our own transition.


Android love

As many of you know, we’ve seen a big uptick in iOS (iPhone and iPad) listening since release of our 2.0 version of that app last October. At the time, iOS comprised 22% of our total hours streamed. Ten months on, in August, iOS has jumped to represent 49% of our hours streamed.

However, listening on Android hasn’t seen as much of a shift. Last October, Android chalked up 9% of our hours streamed; last month, it just tipped 10%. So we’re making a big investment in Android, and Martin Marconcini joined us in the spring to help take things to the next level.

In October, we’ll be releasing our 3.0 version of the Android app, and it’s going to be hot. However, there’s some cool features we wanted to introduce sooner, and so we released 8tracks v2.2.10 last week.

Google+  sign in

We like Google+ and know it’s a first class citizen in the Android world. So we went ahead and added Google+ sign in, giving you an alternative to Facebook.

Bluetooth, Home Screen Widget & Remote Control

Many listeners requested we support  these features again, so they could control 8tracks from supported devices. While this will run 8tracks in the background, it’s by design — that’s the Android way!  (Note that what runs in the background is small and only controls the above features.)

If you’re on an Android phone, come get 8tracks v2.2.10 in the Google Play store!


8tracks on the web goes 3.0

On Monday, we launched a revamp to the 8tracks website. We think it’s a big step up on several fronts:

  1. Homepage navigation
  2. A proper Feed
  3. Clean & minimal design


Homepage navigation

The homepage now offers one-click access to the 3 critical paths for enjoying 8tracks — Home, Feed & Explore — from any page on the site.

HOME lets you quickly pick up where you last left off (“Resume”), even if your last listening session was on mobile.  And if you want to “change the channel” you can readily jump to any category you’ve previously preferenced:

  • Mixes you’ve simply listened to in the past (Listening history)
  • Mixes you’ve liked or collected (Liked mixes, Collections)
  • Tracks you’ve favorited (Favorite tracks)
  • Tags you’ve either visited frequently or actively “preset” (Presets)
  • Mixes we THINK you’ll like, based on mixes you’ve liked in the past (Recommended for you)

The new FEED (discussed below) allows you to discover new mixes and music through your social graph — people you follow on 8tracks.

And the EXPLORE section is now more readily (or at least obviously) accessed, allowing you to discover new mixes and music based on some combination of activity, mood and genre tags.


A proper Feed

While 8tracks is fundamentally a social network, we’ve largely eschewed many of the trappings of a typical social network feed.  With this 3.0 website revamp, we’ve placed a new Feed front and center.  The new Feed includes 2 types of items (for now, but more to come):

  • Mixes published by DJs you follow (we’ve always had this in the form of the “Mix feed”)
  • Mixes LIKED by listeners you follow (there’s now a reason to follow other listeners who’ve similar taste)

We think the Feed will allow you to better tap others for unearthing gems of interest on the network.


Clean & minimal design

The old version of the site had evolved incrementally, and we felt it was time for a bit of a refresh. The new site:

  • Removes unnecessary borders
  • Adopts a sexy new font (well, we think so)
  • Increases the size of mix art in our “list” view while retaining the option for a visually-focused “grid” view
  • Offers you the ability to filter any list of mixes by key criteria (Feed, Liked, Trending, Newest & Popular)
  • Unifies presentation across page types (home, profile, mix)

We’ve always prided ourself on a simple, focused and compelling design, and this ups the ante.


We hope you like the changes and, as always, welcome feedback. We’ll be introducing 3.0 versions of both our iOS and Android apps this fall so stay tuned!