How to get one million plays on 8tracks

  • Step 1: Publish a great mix in 2009.
  • Step 2: Wait four years until 8tracks clocks 5 million listeners per month.
  • Step 3: Be proud; you’re an 8tracks millionaire.

Today’s post celebrates the first 8tracks mix to reach over one million plays, a mix which was published in February 2009 and has steadily become the all-time most played mix on the site.

What is it about this mix that’s so compelling to so many listeners? The playlist is a sweet compilation of indie rock songs by lytebryte25, with the evocative title “songs to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to.” Along with some well-chosen artwork, it’s this winning combination of a perfect mood, a specific setting, and well-crafted playlist that keeps people coming back to hear your selections.

That’s one of the special things about 8tracks:  you may not know exactly what you want to hear, but if you want some sounds to escape while you stare upwards contemplating existence, or while you sweat, dance, mourn, laugh, or just live, someone out there has made a playlist just for you.

Curious about what other mixes have blown up on 8tracks? Take a look at the top 10 most played 8tracks playlists of all-time:

Thanks to our excellent, dedicated DJs – the curators on the 8tracks network – nearly 800,000 mixes have been published since 2008.  And their audience continues to grow: since 8tracks raised funding in August 2011, both the number of listeners per month and hours of listening per listener per month have tripled, resulting in a nearly 10X increase in total hours streamed, which just topped 22m in April.  Over the same period, listening on mobile has increased from 1% to now 50% of all hours streamed.

Thank you DJs, listeners, raging fans and supporters for being part of the journey as we seek to offer the best music for any taste, time and place. A million plays is just the start of the growth you’ve helped us achieve!

New plugins for WordPress & Joomla

The new WordPress widget interface.
The new WordPress widget interface.

8tracks DJs and listeners have long had the ability to embed mixes in their own blog or website. But given all the quality blogging and CMS platforms out there, we thought we could offer something more robust, plus give a little love back to the developer community. To this end, we’re please to announce the launch of our first set of official Open Source plugins.

First is an update to our WordPress plugin by Jonathan Martin. You can now embed single mixes as well as entire mix collections – these can be all the mixes you’ve personally published, mixes by your favorite 8tracks DJ, or mixes tagged with your favorite combinations of genres and moods.

Second is a brand-new Joomla module from Emir Sakic, which includes all the functionality of our WP plugin plus the ability to specify the pages on which you’d like the mixes to be displayed, and the ability to customize their placement on a page-by-page basis.

Feedback, comments, and feature requests that could make these plugins more useful to the community are most welcome.  And any developers who are interested in helping us build plugins for other platforms, send a note to Thanks and enjoy!


8tracks radio WordPress plugin
Download the WordPress plugin
8track radio joomla module
Download the Joomla module


Finally, here’s the WordPress plugin in action in a blog post using a collection of playlists: