A New Era for 8tracks

One of the things I’ve learned since starting 8tracks eight years ago is that life is absolutely full of surprises.

In February, we asked members of our community if they’d like to invest in 8tracks, but we never expected the amazing response we got! Over 40,000 people showed interest in owning shares in 8tracks, so we embarked on a path to make it possible.

We began 8tracks with a simple premise: the best music discovery experiences happen through people. Today, every single one of the 2,000,000+ playlists people have created on 8tracks reminds us how a shared love of music can build a true community.

With funding, we’ll be empowered to bring 8tracks to a global audience, introduce support for new platforms, enable easy playlist creation on web and mobile, and create a better, more personalized listening experience for everyone.

After months of preparation, I’m happy to announce that 8tracks is now accepting investments through the SeedInvest platform. Join us!

Learn More About Investing In 8tracks

8tracks Opens For Investment - It's All Because of You


David Porter
CEO & founder, 8tracks

P.S. In the weeks leading up to this exciting news, hundreds of DJs and artists have shown their support by creating incredible handmade playlists to #back8tracks. I’ve included a few of our favorites below – give ’em a spin!


#Back8tracks Playlists

A lovely blend of selections from 2016 chosen by some of our favorite DJs and musicians!

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all”- Anne Tyler

the elusive peace that comes from within and journeys without

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The Future of 8tracks

Big news this week. After receiving over $33 million in indications of investment interest from 35,000 people, we’re taking the next step in our equity crowdfunding campaign and opening up the ability to reserve shares in 8tracks to everyone.

 Reserve 8tracks Shares Here
Our investment round will be launching in just a couple weeks, so we made this video to share a bit more about our journey and show you where we work (and sometimes live).


Investing in the Future of 8tracks


What Our Current Investors Are Saying

“8tracks is the future of radio.”

– Pete Tong | DJ & Producer, BBC Radio 1

“8tracks is more than just a music service — it’s a real community built on a shared love of music.”

Steve Aoki | DJ & Producer, Dim Mak Records

“It’s been amazing to watch 8tracks grow over the years. There’s simply nothing else quite like it.”

– Philip Inghelbrecht | Founder, Shazam; ex-YouTube


Latest Press

SF Station - 8tracks & the Power of Crowdfunding Rebels Among Music Streaming Titans

8tracks & the Power of Crowdfunding: Rebels Among Music Streaming Titans

David Porter - CEO @ 8tracks

Taking their support even further, intrepid DJs on 8tracks have banded together under the tag #back8tracks to serenade you with hundreds of hours of tunes. Check ’em out here and enjoy a choice few we’ve handpicked below.

We’ll be keeping you updated with more news as our investment round launch draws closer in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, remember to reserve your shares beforehand here:

 Reserve 8tracks Shares


#Back8tracks Playlists

A subtle blend (and wide variety) of relaxing tunes — handpicked in a collaborative show of support by talented artists and DJs around the world.

Starts off slow and heats up in the end. playlist for good feelings. 8 little tracks in support of 8tracks

13 applewood-smoked, honey-glazed beats to power you through the day. Drool-inducing image credit goes to @maximillian.

I can speak for SpaceBunnies everywhere: A sound curator capable of both rational and irrational thought and emotion will beat a dumb computer algorithm EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK.


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