DJ Tools: Bringing DJs and Listeners Together

Here at 8tracks, we like to think of ourselves as matchmakers. We help people who love music share music–with people who love to listen to music. That’s why today we’re excited to offer three new tools (none of which is a fiddle, though we do serenade new hires this way).


8tracks DJ Stats

Analytics for DJs to get listeners’ feedback

For the first time, DJs can access an analytics dashboard that gives them stats about their playlists. It highlights the number of times a playlist’s songs have been listened to, liked, or skipped, and provides DJs with feedback from their listeners to help them make even better playlists.

Real-time feedback from listeners

DJs now have a notification feed that enables them to monitor the success (likes, comments, follows) of their playlists and the growth of their listenership. Everyone needs a little encouragement. Go on, enjoy your new adoring fans!

“Personalized tags” to help discover playlists you love, faster

We did not forget about our listeners! The new web version learns a listener’s music taste using their listening activity (liking, browsing, favoriting), suggesting relevant search tags that can help them discover playlists they’ll hopefully love.