We’ve All Gone Pete Tong

BBC Radio 1’s legendary DJ Pete Tong teams up with the 8tracks staff to bring you this bass-loving playlist – packed with 8 of the best electronic tracks sure to make you move.

“Pete Tong has been long regarded as the global ambassador for electronic music. We at 8tracks share his ambition for bringing new artists to light and empowering music discovery through people.

It’s an honor to have Pete #back8tracks as an investor and member of our vibrant DJ community.“
– David Porter, CEO & Founder, 8tracks

“8tracks is the future of radio.”
– Pete Tong | DJ & Producer, BBC Radio 1

Hundreds more DJs and artists have banded together to #back8tracks in a show of support for our crowdfunding campaign. Learn how you can join them and invest in 8tracks here. 

Tune in to hear more of the incredible handcrafted #back8tracks mixes here.

#Back8tracks -Playlists


To catch you up in case you haven’t seen, 8tracks is now in the middle of the world’s first crowdfunding campaign to create a music streaming company actually owned by the people who use it.

8tracks’ uniqueness as a platform has galvanized mega stars and casual users alike to band together under the hashtag #back8tracks – creating hundreds of playlists in a show of support. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“8tracks is more than just a music service — it’s a real community built on a shared love of music.”
– Steve Aoki | DJ & Producer, Dim Mak Records

“It’s been amazing to watch 8tracks grow over the years. There’s simply nothing else quite like it.”
– Philip Inghelbrecht | Founder, Shazam; ex-YouTube

“Playlisting has exploded to become an amazing path for fans to discover and share music. The team at 8tracks has nailed it by forging a fantastic community that brings together artists, DJs, and listeners in a dynamic, creative exchange. It’s a great way to promote artists, but more importantly, it gives fans a compelling destination to find new music, which makes it a win-win for everyone.”
– Craig Kallman | Chairman, CEO, Atlantic Records

Join thousands of people from around the world as an investor in 8tracks alongside Pete Tong, Steve Aoki, Index Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

Let’s make it happen!




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