The Strength of a Community

8tracks explored uncharted territory in 2016.

Historically, only wealthy individuals and venture capital firms have been allowed to invest in startups. In June, 8tracks became one of the first companies to change that by kicking off an “equity crowdfunding” campaign, allowing our DJs and listeners to own stock in the company.

8tracks' SeedInvest Equity Crowdfunding Round

The community has rallied behind us, with more than 4,500 investors collectively investing over $2 million. The funding will help us make 8tracks better for listeners and DJs alike, bring 8tracks to new markets and new platforms (Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos and more), and allow us to build a healthy business to serve our community for years to come.

This Friday, our crowdfunding campaign will come to an end on SeedInvest. If you haven’t yet invested (or if you’d like to invest more), you’re invited to join us here before the round closes on October 21.

As a token of our gratitude, we’re giving all investors at least one free year of 8tracks+ (our premium, ad-free 8tracks experience).

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We made 8tracks to highlight the dedication and talent of people who care about music and love to share it with others. Since our launch on August 8, 2008, the community has grown to over 17 million registered users, with 5 million people visiting each month to enjoy over 2.4 million handcrafted playlists. These numbers are a testimony to the strength of a community brought together by music.

I’ve included more news and information about our crowdfunding campaign below. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

-David Porter | CEO & Founder, 8tracks



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“I love how the 8tracks platform works, so it’s exciting to be able to personally invest in something that I believe in and literally use every. Single. Day.”
– Natalia Karvelis | Rocklin, CA

“It’s a fantastic concept and I’m really glad I was able to have the opportunity to help build upon an already solid foundation.”
– Yency Garcia | Hialeah, FL

“It’s the best way to give ‘power to the people’. It allows anyone to share music in a free and fair manner, and for any reason. Want to make a special mix for a friend who lives 1000 miles away? 8tracks. Want to make a mix for an obscure cartoon from the 80s that still gives you nostalgic feels? 8tracks. A mix inspired by your favorite color, season, movie, book, whatever? 8TRACKS! It’s an absolutely wonderful medium to share music and to discover music. It’s like a highly personalized version of internet radio. :)”
– Kelly Keenan | Ridgewood, NJ

“The community is second to none. Friendships are formed. New music is constantly introduced and discovered. The 8tracks’ team is an approachable and receptive bunch of folks who go out of their way to provide the best experience for their listeners and DJs.”
– Patrick Quigley | Arcadia, CA

“I #back8tracks because it is the absolute best way to hear new music, old music, amazing music and to be in it with amazing people who love to make mixes. And most of all because it is FUN ❣❣❣ ♫♫♫”
– Danna Franzen | Peoria AZ



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