8tracks on the web goes 3.0

On Monday, we launched a revamp to the 8tracks website. We think it’s a big step up on several fronts:

  1. Homepage navigation
  2. A proper Feed
  3. Clean & minimal design


Homepage navigation

The homepage now offers one-click access to the 3 critical paths for enjoying 8tracks — Home, Feed & Explore — from any page on the site.

HOME lets you quickly pick up where you last left off (“Resume”), even if your last listening session was on mobile.  And if you want to “change the channel” you can readily jump to any category you’ve previously preferenced:

  • Mixes you’ve simply listened to in the past (Listening history)
  • Mixes you’ve liked or collected (Liked mixes, Collections)
  • Tracks you’ve favorited (Favorite tracks)
  • Tags you’ve either visited frequently or actively “preset” (Presets)
  • Mixes we THINK you’ll like, based on mixes you’ve liked in the past (Recommended for you)

The new FEED (discussed below) allows you to discover new mixes and music through your social graph — people you follow on 8tracks.

And the EXPLORE section is now more readily (or at least obviously) accessed, allowing you to discover new mixes and music based on some combination of activity, mood and genre tags.


A proper Feed

While 8tracks is fundamentally a social network, we’ve largely eschewed many of the trappings of a typical social network feed.  With this 3.0 website revamp, we’ve placed a new Feed front and center.  The new Feed includes 2 types of items (for now, but more to come):

  • Mixes published by DJs you follow (we’ve always had this in the form of the “Mix feed”)
  • Mixes LIKED by listeners you follow (there’s now a reason to follow other listeners who’ve similar taste)

We think the Feed will allow you to better tap others for unearthing gems of interest on the network.


Clean & minimal design

The old version of the site had evolved incrementally, and we felt it was time for a bit of a refresh. The new site:

  • Removes unnecessary borders
  • Adopts a sexy new font (well, we think so)
  • Increases the size of mix art in our “list” view while retaining the option for a visually-focused “grid” view
  • Offers you the ability to filter any list of mixes by key criteria (Feed, Liked, Trending, Newest & Popular)
  • Unifies presentation across page types (home, profile, mix)

We’ve always prided ourself on a simple, focused and compelling design, and this ups the ante.


We hope you like the changes and, as always, welcome feedback. We’ll be introducing 3.0 versions of both our iOS and Android apps this fall so stay tuned!

26 thoughts on “8tracks on the web goes 3.0

  1. what about the comments section?
    i really liked that feature to stay updated about what the people think of my mixes…


  2. wonderful job on this revamp. it looks great and has additional functionality. really well done 8tracks, thanks for having such an amazing community. looking forward to seeing how it grows from here.


  3. Love the new layout but unable to edit my profile. I’m either given a 404 error page or an yellow error with “Sorry, something went wrong loading that page.”


  4. Since the new revamp, 8tracks.com is not loading in my browser (I use Chrome) and is not loading on my iPhone! Username=farfisa




  5. Love the new layout, but I agree with Boris about the comments section. It was really great to be able to keep up with what people thought of my mixes!

    Otherwise amazing job guys 🙂


  6. I adore the new layout and features! Everything is really excellent, I can’t wait for the app to be updated to match. I love using collections to sort different kinds of mixes, so I really hope that will make it into the update. Thanks for all the hard work! Keep it up!


  7. Hey could anyone help me? I am in love with the font which is used in the 8tracks user bio, so if you could tell me its name and maybe a link to download it for free, it’d be the greatest help! c:


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