Android love

As many of you know, we’ve seen a big uptick in iOS (iPhone and iPad) listening since release of our 2.0 version of that app last October. At the time, iOS comprised 22% of our total hours streamed. Ten months on, in August, iOS has jumped to represent 49% of our hours streamed.

However, listening on Android hasn’t seen as much of a shift. Last October, Android chalked up 9% of our hours streamed; last month, it just tipped 10%. So we’re making a big investment in Android, and Martin Marconcini joined us in the spring to help take things to the next level.

In October, we’ll be releasing our 3.0 version of the Android app, and it’s going to be hot. However, there’s some cool features we wanted to introduce sooner, and so we released 8tracks v2.2.10 last week.

Google+  sign in

We like Google+ and know it’s a first class citizen in the Android world. So we went ahead and added Google+ sign in, giving you an alternative to Facebook.

Bluetooth, Home Screen Widget & Remote Control

Many listeners requested we support  these features again, so they could control 8tracks from supported devices. While this will run 8tracks in the background, it’s by design — that’s the Android way!  (Note that what runs in the background is small and only controls the above features.)

If you’re on an Android phone, come get 8tracks v2.2.10 in the Google Play store!


24 thoughts on “Android love

  1. It’d be awesome if there was a feature where you could listen to a select few playlists offline, as well. I want to download this app but don’t want to run up my 3g usage 😦


  2. Hi Charlotte! Our licenses don’t allow for this, but if affordable, we may look into this as part of a relatively inexpensive (say $3-4) subscription option next year.


  3. Thanks for checking in! Right now, we’re focusing on releasing version 3 of the Android app. We’ve got Chromecast support on our agenda for after we release the app.


  4. I’m excited that there will be a chromecast feature added soon! I was just trying to use it yesterday and was hoping this was coming!


  5. For some reason when I try to play music in the background on my LG Lucky, it simply stops playback. I’m trying to listen to the new 5sos album and I’d like to discuss it with my friends while I listen so please fix this bug.


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