Android 3.0 is here!

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Today we’re beyond excited to unveil the latest advancement in playlist technology: 8tracks 3.0 on Android, available as of today on Google Play. Coming on the heels of a complete redesign of our iPhone, iPad, and Xbox apps earlier this year, the new release features a similar improvement of the design and navigation we brought to those apps. This means we officially have a complete roster of new apps in time for the new school year, which experts predict will improve student test scores by as much as 1000%.

8tracks 3.0 is chock-full of new features:

  • Timeline: Ready access on your home screen to playlists you’ve recently listened to and playlists that are coming next. Past and future are at your fingertips through what could only be described as time wizardry.

  • Explore: Change the “channel” and listen to seriously whatever the heck you want using any combination of genres, activities, moods, and themes.

  • Sidebar: One-tap command center for all the functions of the app including Home, Explore, Feed, Liked Playlists, Favorite Tracks, and more.

  • Artist Info: Tap any track title to learn more about the artist who made it, and get ready to impress your friends and loved ones with the insane amount of music knowledge you’re about to have (thanks to our friends at OpenAura).

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform, and we’ve seen significant growth around the world. If each second of Android streaming were a pizza, we would have enough to cover the entire surface of the moon! Whether or not that’s true, just think about it: how cool would a Pizza Moon™ be? THE POINT IS over the last year we’ve grown by more than 300% in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Germany, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Israel, France, Singapore — this is just going to become a list of countries on Earth so we’ll stop there.

See for yourself: improve your musical listening experience and quite possibly your life by joining the 8tracks global community and grabbing the new Android app now!

10 thoughts on “Android 3.0 is here!

  1. Great update but what happened to the newest tag when you click on explore? IOS has newest, popular, trending right at the top but the new android update only has popular and trending. So you have to type in newest to get the tag. Also why do we have to scroll through a bazillion tags to find the one we want after select newest, popular or trending. Why can’t you have the search bar at the top still while having one of the three selected would make finding something a whole lot faster.


  2. Hi Josh,

    1) We are aware of the issue with the “newest” tag missing from the Android App Explore screen, and we’re working on adding it back asap. Thanks for reporting this, great catch! 2) We are also working on completely redesigning the way the Explore screen works, both on the Android and iPhone Apps, so as it’s easier and faster to select the second and third tags. Great feedback, by the way!


  3. Thank you for the new update now the app is incompatible for my phone fantastic!

    I use to love using this app now I can’t use it at all.


  4. haha, I read the “what’s new” on the play store! brilliant commentary. I love it when a company brings humor to their product in places that you wouldn’t expect it. usually that text is so “educational”. thanks for the new update 8tracks team 🙂


  5. This new 8 tracks app won’t restart any playlists so I can only listen to the last track and then it switches to the next playlist


  6. That’s normal behavior, because most of the time people don’t want the same playlist playing again, and if they are away from their phone (e.g. driving or playing music during a party), they won’t want the music to repeat. You can however go back to the playlist and play it again. If this didn’t answer your question, please email us at and someone will get back to you shortly.


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