10 Favorite Summer Love Playlists

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is over. Well, 8tracks Team excluded, for two awesome reasons, one more obvious than the other. For starters, we’re located in San Francisco, so for us Indian Summer has just begun. (Woohoo!!!) Secondly, when you are surrounded by music as much as we are, summer is always in your heart.


But we know that for many of you it’s not as easy. You’re probably back at school, trying hard to focus on homework, while your tan still reminds you of the great memories you made over the summer summer. You’d rather be back on that white sand beach, with that sweet boy or girl you fell in love with, partying in Southeast Asia, or dancing your heart out at your favorite music festival.


Knowing how much you miss all that, we’ve put together a collection with some of our favorite Summer 2014 playlists on 8tracks. Please enjoy!


1. We’d rather be there too…

“Ten tracks including music by BLEACHERS, C2C, and Clean Bandit.”

2. That sweet taste of summer

As if that slice of watermelon is not appealing enough to make you want to listen, ”


3. Remember that road trip we took?

54 tracks that will remind you of that awesome road trip you took or dreamed of.


4. Carrying your love with me

Maybe the perfect summer day ends with a night around a bonfire hugging that someone special.

This was just a taste of what we put together for you. Click here to listen to the entire collection. If you have any suggestions on themes you’d like to see in upcoming weekly Staff Picks collections, please let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “10 Favorite Summer Love Playlists

  1. Thanks – Summer in Florida is definitely hit or miss. I just don’t like the heat, but some years Florida summers just means daily summer rain (which I do enjoy). Fall is now here, my favorite season, but I’ll try these summer playlists out.


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